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AGLYCON is your reliable and competent partner in custom synthesis and contract research. A long and successful record in the field of organic chemistry and technology is as valuable as a network of excellence that can be made available. The world of life science is opened up to our customers.
Being specialists for carbohydrate-chemistry and bioorganic chemistry, Aglycon is able to offer a broad range of fine chemicals on the product side and a number of services for your research.

AGLYCON may support you in any phase of your research project - whether you are in industrial or in academic R&D.

Accountability and confidentiality are of utmost importance to us. Continuous reporting systems and exact documentation are standard, our commitment to R&D projects is renowned. In this way we adopt your products for a while and have a great time solving your problems.

What AGLYCON can do for you:

AGLYCON and your ideas

  • planning a new project
  • evaluation of novel R&D targets
  • consulting with syntheses for emerging products
  • extensive literature searches
  • feasibility studies

AGLYCON and your R&D

  • custom syntheses
  • optimisation of syntheses (lab-scale)
  • analyses
  • on-site-research
  • developing new strategies for R&D

AGLYCON and your production

  • production - lab scale
  • production - kg-quantities
  • upscaling with partners
  • optimisation of syntheses
  • optimisation of single steps of your process