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Dr. Josef Spreitz is head of production and R&D.

Josef Spreitz
  • 1990 scientific assistant with Prof. Klaus Hummel (Institute of Organic Technology, Technical University of Graz)
  • Focus on organic synthesis
  • Diploma thesis Offenkettige Ketose-Derivate als wichtige Intermediate in der Naturstoffchemie
  • Dissertation Iminozucker als Glykosidaseninhibitoren: Neue Ansätze über offenkettige Ketosen.

DI Friedrich Sprenger is head of marketing, acquisition and customer relations.

Friedrich Sprenger
  • Academic studies in chemistry at the Technical University of Graz
  • Consulting for STENUM GmbH (environmental consulters)
  • Project management in the field of Environmental safety and car repair
  • Co-founder of the Austrian water pollution control award Neptun
  • 2001 Diploma thesis Studien zur Synthese von Broussonetin-Analogen

Dr. Janette Stephan is head of quality assurance.

  • chemical studies at the University of Leipzig
  • Focus on inorganic synthesis
  • 2003 Diploma thesis Synthesen und Reaktionen von subvalenten Zinnverbindungen
  • Dissertation in the field of electrochemical synthesis at the Technical University of Graz
  • March 2010 Aglycon Ladies Recruiting (FEMtech career project)