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Artikel in Büchern und Fachzeitschriften

Sugars with endocyclic heteroatoms other than oxygen.
P. Greimel, J. Spreitz, F. K. (Fitz) Sprenger, A. E. Stütz, T. M. Wrodnigg;
in: The Organic Chemistry of Carbohydrates., D. E. Levy, P. Fügedi (Eds.); Marcel Dekker, Chap. 8, in print.

Golgi Endomannosidase Inhibitor a-d-glucopyranosyl-(13)-1-deoxymannojirimycin: a five step synthesis from maltulose and examples of N-modified derivatives.
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A simple access to the b-mannosidase inhibitor, 1-deoxymannojirimycin.
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Timely Research Perspectives in Carbohydrate Chemistry
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Volume Editor: Arnold E. Stütz
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Special Edition of Monatshefte für Chemie/Chemical Monthly Vol. 133, No. 4, 2002

Epimerisation, Isomerisation and Rearrangement reactions of Carbohydrates
Volume Editor: Arnold E. Stütz
Springer, 2001
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Biologically active 1-aminodeoxy and 1-O-alkyl derivatives of the powerful d-glucosidase inhibitor 2,5-dideoxy-2,5-imino-d-mannitol.
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Iminosugars as Glycosidase Inhibitors
Nojirimycin and Beyond
Edited by Arnold E. Stütz, Foreword by H. Paulson
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Lipase catalyzed resolution of bicyclic building blocks for leukotriene synthesis: Advantages of organic media.
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